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PROMAN SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) and Production Control, which could also be construed as an MES (manufacturing execution system) is PROMAN’s implementation of data acquisition, industrial supervision, and planning and production control. This system monitors and supervises data acquisition from devices and machineries engaged in the manufacturing process. It is used to control remote inputs and outputs though programmable logic controllers, or PLCs. PROMAN SCADA allows businesses to not only plan job orders on time, but monitor real-time production processes according to preset routing and control the movement of materials, making production control more efficient. PROMAN SCADA is a complement to the management and production control systems.

PROMAN presents complete solutions for data acquisition and process control, from the analysis phase of the factory layout and equipment to be controlled; to the design phase, where all the data communications infrastructure to be implemented, as well as the list of equipment to install, is specified; to the last phase, the job of installing and monitoring the entire network to conform to the survey made in the previous phase. PROMAN provides various solutions using the latest technologies: terminals with Ethernet interface, wireless PDTs, use of laser barcode readers, and installation of touch-screen consoles, last generation automation systems, sensing equipment, RFID, etc. In most projects, data acquisition is based on the installation of collection points with industrial touch-screen consoles, barcode readers, thermal printers, and other devices. With the installation of automation (PLC) to receive data directly from machines or production lines it is possible to handle data and collect it using the PROMAN ERP software. This system involves the placement of collection points with the installation of industrial consoles (e.g. for groups of machines or for each machine), registered by barcode or by touch, the number of job orders, operations, incorporated materials, machine identifications, and operator identifications (and others) as well as the elements for quality control.

To collect data via the console, PROMAN recommends implementing a solution based on direct data acquisition through machines or PLCs. Whenever the machine or production line provides a communication port with a known protocol, it is possible to configure the PROMAN ERP software to obtain and process the data that the machine delivers. If it is not possible in this way, PROMAN recommends installing a network of sensing equipment, machinery, and production lines in order to receive data via automation and undergo analysis in the database server. The proposed architecture typically involves the installation of a network master (CompoBus/D, compoNet or DeviceNet), from which a cable is extended with multiple input cards/digital outputs/analogues. Each of these cards will connect a group of machines. The cards are placed in a strategically to minimize cable distance. In each machine a box of centralizing signals is placed to facilitate eventual transport, movement of the machinery, or modification of signals.

The PROMAN SCADA system is a fully customizable tool to suit each plant layout or multi-factory and supports various sections and any type of resource, whether machine, production line, or manual resource with human support. Its main objective is graphical monitoring of the production status as well as the operating status of each resource. Through synoptic panels, each of the processes can be monitored. These panels are designed using the PROMAN layout and then run on PROMAN Supervision along with other PROMAN modules. The results can be displayed with visualization and simulation of movement of machinery along with representation of counting or other parameters of machinery and of course with the option to check and evaluate data already collected in the production place.