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Proman Management Information System and Enterprise Resource Planning Integration

PROMAN allows organizations to use the best and most versatile tools for production and business management. Our software integrates all facets of an operation, including product planning, development, manufacturing processes, sales and marketing, product development, product planning, material purchasing, inventory control, distribution, accounting, marketing, finance, and HR. The PROMAN MIS | ERP system helps business managers implement strategic planning in business activities. This system is one central repository for all information that is shared by all the various facets of the enterprise in order to smooth the flow of data throughout the organization.

All enterprise activity in PROMAN is organized as active jobs and instantly appears on the Proman planning board, which makes it possible to view the real-time situation of the entire production process and each operation by work location with relative parameters and comprehensive information. The production manager can evaluate statistics from the past or forecast individual machine capacity – displayed by working and non-working days along with human resources. Proman enables workflow throughout the factory to be effectively analyzed at a glance. Every work location and operation is marked with different status color codes, which change online according to the real situation at the work location. With Proman it is easier than ever to ensure real-time scheduling with pinpoint accuracy without confusion or conflict with other scheduled work tasks and plans. It is easy to have immediate and complete information when a new job can be started and manage orders according to different privileges.

Production Planning

The more complex production process planning is, the more vital it is to balance demand and production. The Proman system maintains the plans for all production activities throughout the value chain – from the first moment the order comes in. In order to satisfy customers and retain their business, it is important to effectively organize manufacturing productivity, optimally manage inventory, ensure low operational costs, and extend customer service. The Proman production management and automation system is engineered to operate on both make-to-order (MTO) and make-to-stock (MTS) or a mixed-mode manufacturing strategy. In any case, Proman will guaranty maximum flexibility and control over production, cost optimization, and effective usage of resources. It includes proactively managing the order entry and planning and optimizing the production plan and operation processes to meet customer delivery deadlines while maintaining and improving profit margins.

It is vital to ensure that production works up to speed. Proman supplies real-time information about the true state of production machine utilization – which machines are running, which machines are waiting, and what for, and if they are in alarm or idle. If some machines are not in production, Proman can give you a clear answer why and how long they have been out of order or out of orders. Proman is engineered to supply businesses with detailed real-time data at a glance with the status of each and every job in production as well as provide the status and performance data for any work center or even every single worker’s job effectiveness in comparison with other workers. It is easy to have a strong tool to motivate employees.

Production Optimization

Proman provides businesses with all production information in real time to maintain profit levels and eliminate inefficiencies. But a strong advantage of Proman is that it collects all production information in an effective way and can supply businesses with statistically grouped information visually prepared in graphs or comparison charts. That can become an essential part of strategic planning and thinking. It provides vital information for effective generation of production orders, identification of bottlenecks, optimization of work orders, and strategization of what-if scenarios, and all the while allows you to obtain the pinpoint accuracy that’s so essential in growing profit margins and staying one step ahead of the competition.

Proman has an effective cost calculation system that lets you not only get the immediate price of a product according to a discount and profit system and control different level of customer prices in the online ordering system, but it also shows you a clearly visualized cost efficiency analysis of work locations when you are producing different products over time and allows you to compare real costs between the past and present. Statistical projected-versus-actual observation enables you to find strategic solutions in developing and planning production capacity. Proman monitors all work locations and machinery efficiency, pointing out those that are not effectively used and those that tend to be overused. This helps to maintain machine load by groups or individual machines throughout the entire production process. This approach offers costs minimization solutions, the highest efficiency of production resource utilization, and maximum the manufacturing potential.